Proofreading Services Malaysia

Proofreading Services Malaysia

We provide professional proofreading services by native English editors from Australia, the United States, and Britain. Email: [email protected]

International Proofreading Service

 We offer professional proofreading services and quality work. We maintain strict work ethics and ensure that your documents are ready within the deadline.


Proofreading may not seem important at first glance but actually, it can make a difference between a pass and a fail or a sale and a loss. Language is the key to success for numerous fields. 

Proofreading & Editing Features

We are proud to state that our proofreading team had successfully edited and proofread personal statements, magazine articles, reports, journals, theses, and books. Our services ensure the success of our clients.

Our service rates

Check out the different proofreading service rates below!

Our new International proofreading service rate:
USD 25.00 per thousand words.

(We accept PayPal for international customers)

Our new local Malaysian proofreading service rate:
RM100 per thousand words.
(We accept Malaysian Online Banking, Stripe, or PayPal)

Special express requests are considered.